ADOT is going to do the tiered community vote on the proposed sound wall

  1. Due to an APS utility line located just south of the existing community wall, ADOT's proposed sound wall would now be constructed nearly 18 feet south (or closer to Loop 101) than previously presented at the recent HOA meeting. The reason for the new location is that should APS ever need to access the underground utility line, they would need enough room to get in there to the work.  The wall would be built tall enough to obtain the same noise mitigation that was presented at the meeting. The main difference is that the wall would be built entirely on ADOT and BOR right of way and the existing Wildcat Ridge wall would remain.  See the attached plan sheet for more details.
  2. ADOT will be conducting a community-wide vote on the proposed sound wall where each and every lot owner gets a vote.  As previously addressed at the recent HOA meeting on this, votes will be tiered or scaled in proportion to the amount of sound mitigation each particular home will receive from the wall.  Hence, the homes closest to the wall get a larger % of votes than those farther away; nonetheless, each home still gets to vote once and have your voice heard.
  3. In the next few weeks, ADOT will be sending out postcards to each homeowner with instructions on how to vote on this issue.  Several methods will be made available - internet, phone, mail, etc. 
  4. If you have any questions on this, please contact Judee Parker of Total Property Management at or the HOA at