Wildcat Ridge Exterior Paint Colors

The Board has updated the exterior colors to include several new paint schemes. If you have any questions click here to contact us.

To see group and colors CLICK HERE.

Warning: The color samples are facsimiles to the actual color. Due to the limitations of the web, the colors are not exact.


The color schemes will provides colors for:
  • Body, Doors (Garage Door) color
  • Trim and Accent color
  • Fascia and Shutters color
  • Click on image to zoom

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The paint colors are from Benjamin Moore. To purchase Benjamin Moore paints visit Benjamin Moore. A sales associate will be able to assist you. If you choose to use another brand of paint, it is recommended that you reference Benjamin Moore or obtain a sample directly from a Benjamin Moore Retailer for color matching purposes.

Click here for Paint Cover Sheet

Please http://www.azroc.gov/ to make sure your contractor is licensed!

For more information on how to hire a contractor click here!

Feel free to send any feedback or comments!
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Our Existing Paint Colors are at the Home Depot at Tatum & Bell

  • Visit The Home Depot at 16803 N Tatum Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85032 - (602) 493-9600
  • Ask for Lisa the Paint Manager.
  • Mention Wildcat Ridge Pro Rewards Paint account.Wildcat Ridge now has a Pro Rewards Paint account at The Home Depot. So just reference the TPM phone number (602) 952-7265 at the cash register.
  • The Home Depot rewards Pros offers discounts on paint. Wildcat Ridge can cumulatively save on paint from 10%-20%. As a Pro Rewards Paint Member we can take advantage of specials, plus free factory tinting, purchase tracking by job, and direct-to-job-site delivery. When it comes to saving time and money on paint, Wildcat Ridge HOA has got you covered.

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