Black Mountain Boulevard Project Update

February 17, 2015
New Black Mountain Boulevard Road
Open to the Public at Pinnacle Peak Road
As of 5 p.m. Tuesday, February 17, the new segment of Black Mountain Boulevard (BMB) between Pinnacle Peak Road and Rough Rider Road will be open to drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. The posted speed limit is 40 mph.

Prescription Drug Drop Off Boxes at Police Precinct

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Phoenix Police Department has entered into a partnership with MedReturn to have Prescription Drug Collection boxes at each of the City of Phoenix Police Precincts.

These secured collection boxes are inside the lobby of the station and are available during normal business hours.

You can drop off any unwanted or expired prescription or over the counter medication which will be then properly disposed of by the Phoenix Police Department.

The two nearest north Phoenix Police Precincts are the Black Mountain Precinct located at 33355 N. Cave Creek Road and the Desert Horizon Precinct located at 16030 N. 56th Street.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Officer Tim Mitten # 5279

Phoenix Police Department

Black Mountain Precinct

33355 N. Cave Creek Road

Phoenix, AZ 85331

602-495-5238 desk

"Policing with a Purpose"

ADOT is going to do the tiered community vote on the proposed sound wall

Due to an APS utility line located just south of the existing community wall, ADOT's proposed sound wall would now be constructed nearly 18 feet south (or closer to Loop 101) than previously presented at the recent HOA meeting. The reason for the new location is that should APS ever need to access the underground utility line, they would need enough room to get in there to the work.  The wall would be built tall enough to obtain the same noise mitigation that was presented at the meeting. The main difference is that the wall would be built entirely on ADOT and BOR right of way and the existing Wildcat Ridge wall would remain.  See the attached plan sheet for more details.

Black Mountain Boulevard Update!

The final design plans for Phase I will reach 90% in March, with 100% plans available to the contractor by mid-April. 60% design plans for Phase II are anticipated by the end of April.

Trash in Common Areas

Dear Homeowners there has been an increase in the volume of trash and assorted waste products being disposed of in the common areas throughout our community.

We kindly ask all homeowners to dispose of trash in the proper receptacles and to also assist by picking up loosely strewn trash when you can and it is safe to do so.

A clean community is a joint effort for all of us and we are determined to undertake any and all efforts to make our community clean and debris free.

If you have any questions - please feel free to contact Total Property Management or the Board.